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Welcome to Henley Tecnic

Henley Tecnic is a well known British-run company based in the Canary Islands specialising in heat pump technology for swimming pool heating and hot water. It is also wholesaler for domestic and industrial dehumidifiers and electric panel heaters.

Henley Tecnic have been official representatives and distributors in the Canary Islands for 37 years for CALOREX, the leading brand of heat pumps in Britain and Europe. Henley Tecnic supplies swimming pool heat pumps and hot water heat pumps for the production of hot water up to 68ºC, as well as for central heating. Principal clients include swimming pool and installation companies as well as construction and plumbing firms throughout the Canary Islands.

Our Products

Heat Pumps
We are sole representatives and distributors in the Canary Islands for CALOREX heat pumps, Europe's leading swimming pool heat pump man ... More
We have a wide range of home and industrial dehumidifiers. These include those manufactured by CALOREX, designed especially to reduce e ... More
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